Am I Called? Burdened? Anointed?

Am I called to lead or am I leading from a place of burden? Am I anointed for the role I am stepping into? What will happen if I am serving from a place of burden and need?

It is vital for us to understand that the call for a ministry and the anointing for a ministry occur at different times and are two separate matters. The Apostle Paul from Acts 9 to Acts 13 is a prime example of this. We must distinguish between the call coming to a person and the anointing coming upon a person.

It is also necessary to distinguish between a call and a burden. A burden comes forth out of a vision of a need whereas a call comes forth out of God’s Will.

A call has a burden but a burden need not necessarily have a call. All dogs are animals but not all animals are dogs. All calls have burdens but not all burdens have calls attached to them.

It is unwise for a person to enter the ministry of Jesus out of a burden or need. It is better for a person to help or assist out of a burden or need. To enter into the ministry one needs more than a burden or a need; one needs a call from God – an appointment (1 Cor. 12:28) or a gifting (Eph. 4:11). Are there exceptions? Of course. God’s grace always abounds.

Many people enter the ministry from a place of burden or need but do not have an anointing upon them in the ministry office they are stepping into. Can God still bless it? Sure. There are always exceptions.

But in general, It is dangerous to move out of the Will of God. and to seek to function without the anointing of God’s Spirit upon the office you are serving in. It becomes mere human might, machinery, and power. When we operate from this place burn out is around the corner. When we operate form a place of calling, confirmation (from wise council), and the Holy Spirit, we can trust that the position we are functioning will have God’s anointing present—regardless of the challenges.

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