Resting. One Day at a Time.

In Mark 3, we come across a small sentence, that if not paid attention to, will go in one side of our minds and quickly out the other. In Mark 3:10 it reads, “For he had healed many so that those with diseases were pushing forward to touch him.” 

 Wherever Jesus traveled people were healed—however, not all people, but “many” as stated above. We must not forget, Jesus didn’t come to heal bodies as much as He came to heal hearts. The healing ministry of Jesus (as well as the signs and wonders) was to demonstrate that our compassionate Father and Kingdom of God was breaking into their time and space. This is a ministry of the Holy Spirit that continues today. But in the first century, these healings were meant to inspire faith and draw others unto Jesus to hear and receive the message of the Kingdom and love of the Father.

But even with all that said, I can’t help but wrestle with Mark 3:10 and those who continued pushing forward but maybe were not healed. What were they thinking? What were they feeling? Were they able to see the wonder-working power of God and still rejoice? Were they able to trust in Jesus whom they heard preaching yet was outside their reach?

In all of us, there are both physical and spiritual things that we await healing for. We are wondering where our miracle is or where our visitation from God is. We might find ourselves as those “pushing forward” feverishly to touch Jesus. But what I hear my Father remind me of again and again is that now, in this new era with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we do not need to “push, earn, or strive.” Our healing might just be found in the opposite. In resting. 

I leave you with this. Jesus says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all who are tired and weary and I will give you rest…” The rest Jesus gives is healing in of itself. It’s a “rest” that is healing and hopeful; intimate and present; challenging and true. 

I encourage you this season to slow down, trust Him, and know that if you are waiting for a miracle  there is no need to “push.” Allow faith to build and hope in His goodness. Cease striving and know that suffering and difficulty is not the absence of blessing. Blessing is tied not to an outward result but instead, an inner contentment with Him regardless of what we endure.

No matter what may come and force us to abandon Him; He will always remain faithful. Therefore, don’t give up but don’t push. Just rest.

“Lord, we pray that in this season of dealing with our flesh, you would bring to light the areas of mistrust. Like the disciples, we ask that you increase our faith! Show us where we are “pushing forward” and how you want us to rest. Guard and heal our hearts of the deep resentment we may have against you and others as we wait for our own visitation from You. Open the doors that need opened and restore within us that steadfast spirit that will propel us forward one day at a time. We trust you and we love you, Father. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

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